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Books by N. Chandramouli
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Communication is a universal remedy. It helps bridge relationships, sustains knowledge and also makes chance more predictable. Communication builds a nourishing environment for organizations, brands and individuals to grow. And everyone needs to understand communication better in order to impact their own futures. Decoding Communication is a fascinating journey that turns everyday experiences into revelations, and demonstrates how communication can help make best use of opportunities.

The book also covers  new communication theories like Trust Matrix, Brand Appeal, Organizational Maturity Model, and 4 Cs Leadership Model, explained simply to apply them in business lifecycles. Decoding Communication is a must read for all communicators – the brand custodians, spokespersons, communication agencies, teachers and students alike.

Communication, in some ways is like magic. Magicians, who are supreme communicators, claim to manipulate reality through supernatural means. Communicators also create magic - using words, images and ideas to impact thought, action and, in a way, destiny itself.

This is a book of everything in Communication – explaining what should be done, why it should be done, and how it should be done.
  This Book is published by TRA Publishing.
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